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Remy LaCroix in Insatiable Remy Lecroix – HogTied


Remy is bound in a wooden open framed box with her knees up, exposing her vulnerable pussy. A vibrator is turned onto her clit with a nice thick dildo in her pussy and mouse trap nipple clamps are added. We get to appreciate her predicament for a moment when Remy is made to suck cock. ” You’re going to cum on my cock whether you like it or not” Matt says… and she does. He face fucks her, pinning her eyelids open with his thumbs. She is an obedient and good little cock sucker.With drool running down her face, her hair gets tied back behind her. Matt kicks the dildo into her cunt further and walks away so we can watch her squirm, helpless. Matt comes back in and starts caning her feet in punishment for her not being able to cum. After more torment he walks away… watching her.Matt lays down a condition to her cumming again – as she is getting off she needs to confess how much she loves black cock in all of her holes and how much she needs it. He cover her mouth and plays with her breath, not letting any air in, except for brief pauses. She gets close, cums, and tells us all how much she loves black cock… cums again… she can’t escape… cums again.